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Noel Kindt of Marcellus, MI

Here's what W9EFL has to say about XX Towers :

Well my life long dream was to have an antenna farm.  I worked diligently, founding several businesses over a period of thirty years.  My goal was to make them a success and that when I retired I would reward myself with a dedicated ham location and an antenna farm.  This may sound altruistic, but it is true.  So a couple of years ago I was talking to a good friend of mine, W1ZA, who said if you want an antenna farm and want it done right the first time, you need to talk to XX Towers... which I did.

I soon found out Matt Strelow was not only a knowledgeable antenna person, but he himself was a contester of some fame.  So I concluded after seeing what he had already done for other contesters, to begin to plan a somewhat ambitious contest station for myself.

Matt installed a 100 foot Rohn 45 system with a Christmas tree of 5 element 10, 15 and 20 meter monobanders.  Then six months later we got serious and erected a 170 foot Rohn 55 tower with a full sized 3 element 40 meter beam, a 10 element 20 meter array, a 15 element 10 meter array, and an 11 element 6 meter beam.  We added a 10 element 15 meter array to the Rohn 45 100 footer.  We now have multiple high band antennas for each band (no WARC bands, yet!).  We also installed two orthogonal loops for 80 meters, a full sized 160 meter vertical with elevated radials, and two beverages... a 1000' for JA, and 800' for Europe.

Well guess what... watching Matt and his helper work is like listening to a symphony... it's magic... fooof... about a week of hustling, and the antenna farm exists.  Matt also constructed a switch matrix for taking about 20 coax cables from the towers and reducing them to one spigot.  It's beautiful!

If you want a photo of the farm, email me at w9efl@aol.com.  I am a very happy camper.  If you want to hear how effective the antenna system is, email me.  Let's make a sked.


Noel, W9EFL

Feel free to contact W9EFL directly with questions or for further information about his fine station or the work we performed there.

Random photo of XX Towers at work