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Bill Fisher of Alpharetta, GA

Here's what W4AN had to say about XX Towers :

In 1998 I decided to make a huge upgrade to my station by putting up a full sized 3 element 40 meter yagi.  To this point, I had installed all of my antennas and towers by myself with one exception.  Getting help putting up antenna in north Georgia can be challenging.  When I made the decision to put up the big 40 meter yagi, I knew I would not be able to handle it by myself.  Even with helpers, I didn't feel as if I had the technical knowledge to install this huge antenna.

I contacted Matt at XX Towers and he agreed to fly down to install the antenna.  The problem at my location is the drastic slope of the land and the number of trees.  The easist way to install this antenna would have been to tram it up, however this was not possible due to the trees.  Instead, Matt took the antenna up the side of the tower.  They detached guys at each level as the antenna was being raised.  They made a difficult job look very easy.  They were completed with the job in just two days.

Even with all of my tower experience, I would never consider doing a job of this magnitude.  These large antennas should be left to people who know how to install them.  A large antenna can get out of control in a hurry.  You need to ask yourself how much your life is worth.  If you do, your choice of using XX Towers or not should be an easy choice.  I highly recommend them.


Bill Fisher, W4AN

Pictures of the 40 meter station are available at the W4AN website.

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