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W3SZ EME Array ::
Roger Behr of Reading, PA

Here's what W3SZ has to say about XX Towers :

XX Towers Inc., Matt Strelow KC1XX et al, have installed my VHF/UHF/Microwave array.  They were professional and did a superb job in spite of some severe technical challenges.  The array consists of a 40 foot vertical fiberglass riser at one end for the 144 MHz EME array of 4 M² 2MXP20 cross polarized yagis, then a 2304 MHz Blowtorch by Directive Systems, then a vertical stack of 4 M² 23CMEZ22's for 1296 MHz, then a vertical stack of 4 M² 432-9WL's for 432 MHz.  The Azimuth rotor is an Orion 2800 from M², and the Elevation Rotor is an MT-3000 from M².  I wanted a turn-key installation done professionally and safely, and that is what I got!

The system was put up last fall, and survived the winter with no problems.  It works great, and I am having a great time on 144 MHz EME, as well as with the usual VHF/UHF/Microwave contests.

Thanks, Matt!

Feel free to contact W3SZ directly with questions or for further information about his fine station or the work we performed there.

Random photo of XX Towers at work