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K3ZO ::
Fred Laun of Temple Hills, MD

Here's what K3ZO has to say about XX Towers :

I first requested the services of XX Towers because I had an 8-el 15 meter Yagi which I had been wanting to put up above my other Yagis for years, but I was told by others that I could not do it without first obtaining a completely new, very expensive mast, and without using a crane close-in to my tower which the crane company I have used said would first require the building of a paved road across my back yard.  XX Towers devised a way to get the 15 meter Yagi up where I wanted it by fastening another mast to my existing mast, and was able to do all of the work without a crane.  The antenna has been up for several years without incident.

XX Towers has also provided the solution to other problems I have had, ending my need to change out rotators on my large cubical quad antenna about once every six months, and ending a baffling intermittent problem with my 80 meter beam.  In short, not only does XX Towers do quality work, but the company's executives are creative in coming up with practical solutions for previously intractable problems.


Fred, K3ZO

Feel free to contact K3ZO directly with questions or for further information about his fine station or the work we performed there.

Random photo of XX Towers at work