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Ralph Fedor of St. Cloud, MN

The K0IR station was constructed in 1997 and 1998. Ralph performed a great part of the work himself. He designed the station and did the tower layout on his 25 acre property.

Two of the towers turn with a Weber ring system. We found the Weber system to be solidly built, and by far one of the best designed pieces of hardware in the Amateur Radio business.

Ralph is very serious about his station and only selected the best hardware. The "big" tower is 190 feet of Rohn 55G which turns from 70' up. It sports 6/6 on 20M, 7/7 on 10M, and a monster 3 element 40M beam at the top.

The other rotary tower is 130 feet of Rohn 45G. On it, we installed a 15M 6/6 array plus a 6 meter yagi.

The remaining two towers are 80 feet of Rohn 55G populated with WARC band antennas plus a 70' crank-up with a 40M back-up antenna and TH7DXX.

Feel free to contact K0IR directly with questions or for further information about his fine station or the work we performed there.

Random photo of XX Towers at work