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American Radio Relay League

ARRL had this to say about XX Towers :

Here at Maxim Memorial Station W1AW in Newington, CT, we’ve used the services of XX Towers, Inc., (specifically those of Matt Strelow, KC1XX, and his crew) for just over two years.  We are extremely satisfied and confident with his work, and will continue to make use of his services in the future.  Matt brings to the job site years of technical hands-on experience, which is beneficial for the effective performance of equipment, and safety of the end user.

Unlike your average amateur station — one which might try to cut corners when it comes to safety, cost and equipment performance — W1AW is different.  Because we are, in essence, a broadcast station providing a service to all amateurs, our antenna and tower equipment must be up to snuff.  The only way to maintain this standard is to use an experienced antenna and tower contractor.  Such is the case with Matt.

Over the years, Matt (and crew) have replaced or installed antenna rotators, antenna sections, cables, and whole antennas.  When necessary, he also advised on alternatives to current antenna equipment in use.

His biggest job here to date was the replacement of a bottom section of Rohn 65 tower, and accompanying guy wires.  Matt knows the challenges of such a task, and handled them accordingly, in both the coordination of support and final implementation.  Within a matter of hours, Matt and crew replaced the bottom section, plumbed the entire tower and installed new, “broken-up” guy wires.

Given the number of problems associated with such a task, the only correct thing to do is contract someone to do the job who knows what they’re doing.  So when Matt informed us of the need for replacement, we accepted his recommendation without hesitation.  We knew we could rely on his knowledge and experience to get the job done right the first time.

Anyone who contracts with Matt Strelow, KC1XX, (XX Towers, Inc.) for antenna and tower work will not be disappointed.  They can be sure the job will be done effectively, safely and efficiently.  They will be very happy with the results.

Respectfully submitted,

Joe Carcia, NJ1Q
W1AW Station Manager

Feel free to contact W1AW directly with questions or for further information about their fine station or the work we performed there.

Random photo of XX Towers at work