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K4RV Installation in SC ::
200' Rohn-55 + 6/6/6/6 on 15M

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View toward Japan View toward Europe Preparing the tower sections Andrew and Matt prepare the guy grips Richard begins base preparation 1st section on base rotor K0XG ground mounted base rotor Rotating base with motor cover removed DSC00021.JPG DSC00024.JPG DSC00025.JPG DSC00026.JPG DSC00028.JPG DSC00029.JPG DSC00015.JPG DSC00030.JPG DSC00035.JPG DSC00092.JPG DSC00135.JPG DSC00144.JPG DSC00037.JPG DSC00088.JPG MVC-012S.JPG MVC-016S.JPG MVC-017S.JPG MVC-018S.JPG MVC-019S.JPG Mvc-0011.jpg MVC-031S.JPG MVC-0005.JPG MVC-0008.JPG Mvc-0012.jpg Mvc-0013.jpg Mvc-0014.jpg Mvc-0015.jpg Mvc-0016.jpg

Random photo of XX Towers at work

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